This six-day retreat marks a new direction in the application of Mythodrama - as a stimulus to continuous personal professional development specifically for leaders, change agents, coaches and consultants.

Using the alchemical mysteries hidden at the heart of Shakespeare's The Tempest, we will go on a deep journey into our heart and souls. This unique experiential programme is designed for those in the midst of a working life who recognise that 'something is missing', or has been left behind in the business of everyday life.

"Individuation is the process whereby we can become our unique selves and live life in integrity with our personal soul rather than what is imposed on us by the collective. At its best this work represents the faithful exploration of the mysteries of human nature - it asks; what purpose came with you into the world?" - James Hillman.

We will embark on an inquiry into personal purpose, the depths of imaginative possibility and the 'brave new world' that is waiting for us, if we give it our time and our attention.

Key learning points:

  • The journey of the Soul seeking wholeness
  • The Cultivation of Soul through crisis, descent and return
  • Distinguishing Soul and Spirit - and how to bring them together
  • Connecting Heart and Imagination to release true vitality
  • Union of the Masculine and Feminine principles
  • Living with Paradox
  • Discernment of our calling through listening to the Soul's voice


We will use many techniques of Mythodramatic practice including story, theatre, constellations, ritual and time in nature to allow each participant to find their own way into the relationship with Soul that is calling them at this point in their lives.

There will be an option for those interested to form an ongoing group to support and integrate this initiatory inquiry into the next phase of life and work.


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