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Our mission is to develop authentic leaders capable of managing the unprecedented challenges of 21st century leadership.

These leaders will need to be inspiring, transformational, influential, sustainable and courageous; capable of playing different roles to meet different times, and managing increasingly complex situations with apparent ease.


Very few people are naturally gifted with this range of necessary talents but they can all be learned; with good will, appropriate care and exceptional leadership development delivery.

Olivier Mythodrama is committed to helping you develop the leaders of tomorrow, today.

Our clients tell us we are highly effective - "beyond world class". They talk of our professionalism. energy, passion and unique experiential approach.


We engage all your senses, not just your minds, and provide a new language of authenticity for leaders - motivating and inspiring ordinary people to practise and perfect extraordinary leadership

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Coaching For Success
We also offer individual Coaching support to participants
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