If we want to bring healing into our personal relationships and the world, it is essential to understand in depth the dynamics of Power.

Using Shakespeare’s great case study of power, authority and ambition as a guide we will go on a Mythodramatic and group process-led journey to explore participants' inner and outer relationships to these great themes in life and at work.

If we choose to use our power for the benefit of humankind we need to prepare by exploring apparently opposing feelings such us vulnerability, powerlessness, anger, revenge and even self harm – feelings we witness in different characters in ‘Macbeth.’

At this crucial point in world history we ask - how can each of us find our own way to engage with the world from a place of integrity and inner resilience – even in the face of great external difficulty and challenge?

This experiential seminar will benefit everyone interested in the Dynamics of Power in everyday and professional relationships - as entrepreneurs, leaders, managers, facilitators, coaches, social workers, teachers and trainers.