Reclaiming the Power of the Embodied Feminine

A Mythodrama Retreat for Women

The ancient myth of Demeter & Persephone will provide the container for our retreat.

Living through this powerful story we will access and integrate three archetypal roles and stages in a woman’s life and work: Maiden, Mother, Wise Woman/Crone. We will investigate how and where these characters show up in us, and rehearse embodying them more fully. We will explore how we might be stuck in the underworld unable to see the light. Can we face the unimaginable and turn it into gold for ourselves? Do we remember the goddess in us or forget and fall into grief too often? How can we transform all this into positive action and operate skilfully and effectively in a patriarchal system that does not always support us?

The Feminine has a hugely important role to play in our planet’s rapidly unfolding future. We are collectively suffering the havoc of an overplayed Masculine and if we are to have a sustainable future there will need to be a marriage of the Masculine and Feminine both within ourselves and in the world we are part of. But what do we mean when we say ‘The Feminine’? How and where do we as women directly experience it? And how can we nurture and embody a vibrant Feminine that can be a partner or antidote for the strong Masculine qualities that are around us, that we have had to inhabit and in many cases overplay in order to ‘get things done’ and to survive?

The myth of Demeter & Persephone has been with Belinda and Lesley for many years in different ways and has had a profound effect on both of their lives. One of its key teachings is about the seasons; in spring there is growth and new life; summer is when everything comes to fruition; autumn is a time of harvest and in winter everything seems dead, but underground much transformation is taking place before spring returns. These transitions, or cycles, are apparent and deeply familiar in a woman’s life and are an inevitable and necessary journey but are not always easy to accept or navigate.

Major themes covered include:

  • Finding and articulating our unique and authentic voice
  • Liberating ourselves and others in a culture of inequality and domination
  • Appropriate emotion and effective action
  • Reclaiming what’s lost and relinquishing that which no longer serves


Participants will gain:

  • A rejuvenated connection with many parts of ourselves, other women and nature
  • Determination and confidence to own and embody our power
  • New awareness, deep insight and the sweetness of support to realise our dreams for our life and work as a woman


We will work in a mixture of plenary, small groups and pairs, and will engage in reflections, experiential exercises, creative expression, rehearsals and coaching.

This is a personal and adventurous journey. We will co-create a strong, safe circle in order to travel deeply together and to emerge as Persephone does in the story: regenerated, reborn and more fully herself. And we will have fun!


With Belinda Davison & Lesley Quilty

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