Act 6: Evolving Leadership Culture

Hierarchy functions best in an environment where authority requires clear boundaries and tasks need to be clearly defined and carried out quickly with little or no debate.

At the root of our global crisis there is a crisis of top- down leadership. More than ever organisations are needing to derive initiative and participation from all levels of the company.


Healthy Teams

To maximise participation, groups and teams must invest time to establish optimum ways to communicate information, thoughts and feelings openly and honestly. Otherwise they create misunderstanding and conflict, which play out through unofficial channels, often without conscious awareness. Facilitation from an external provider, without any investment in the issues, can enable groups to move forward with mutual trust, grace and optimum collaboration.


Proven Skills & Impact

Olivier Mythodrama has 15 years’ experience of working with such groups, from board level in global companies to small social enterprises. Our interventions last from a ½ day to five days, often as ongoing relationships over years. Our programmes enable teams to talk to one another, so they can reach shared agreement in defining a clear vision for the future and a strategy to get there, resolve deep historical or cultural conflict, implement change, lead themselves through a crisis or effect deep transformation. Sometimes they simply want to sustain and grow an existing position of strength and harmony.



We offer a unique approach to facilitation, based in shared story, theatre practice, psychological insight and a deep understanding of the dynamics of organisational development. It engages the underlying myth that lives and plays out within individuals or cultures, in which intangible and immeasurable qualities can be found and explored. Our unique programmes and coaching methodology attunes leaders to the human dimension of leadership, engaging the whole self, not just the part that per-forms a role.



As a result, we promote dialogue between the heart and soul of individuals and groups, from which emerge the deep solutions to systemic problems, which cannot be addressed by logic alone. Instead of shutting down the symptoms for a while, our process creates the necessary safe space in which to bring root causes to the surface, where they can be addressed fully, once and for all. It creates the opportunity to imagine and rehearse an updated, more collaborative story, new ways of speaking and listening, more supportive ways of structuring a team or new ways of relating to the outside world, even new ways of being a global leader or global organisation.


Tailor Made

Working in consultation with you, we can design a discreet intervention, an ongoing development over years or one to fit within a broader programme. We can use one of the great plays of Shakespeare or another universal myth as the underlying catalyst for the process, or work directly with the context and issues of the group. Our experienced facilitators can design an approach that adapts and responds to the needs and emerging truth of the group.


OMA Facilitation Options

Emergence: facilitated engagement around a specific theme or issue, opening new channels of communication, revealing new layers of meaning and enquiry, and offer-ing new possibilities.

Conjuring the Circle: Long-term leadership for a short-term world. Re-introducing a time honoured metaphor for inclusion, sustainability and participatory process. We can teach and coach your leaders in: Facilitative

Leadership: the practice and principles of engaging one another and their teams to benefit from greater shared awareness, inclusive participation and increased accountability, establishing a working community and creating real value for all stakeholders.

Specific Themes: Olivier Mythodrama specialises in helping to Create a Vision; Align Vision with Strategy; Transformation; Organisational Politics; Cultural Change; Building and Re-storing Leadership Teams and many other organisational challenges.

Models: Using our unique models from Archetypal Psychology and The Elements as frameworks for discussion and change, which live on in the system after the intervention.

The stories themselves: Our Mythodrama programmes have proven to be powerful vehicles for invoking the valuable conversations that inspire new ways of work-ing together and addressing ever changing challenges. 





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