We are delighted to talk to you about partnering at a strategic level: co-designing unique, on-going leadership development interventions and culture change initiatives.

Developing authentic leaders involves working in depth with individuals and groups; utilising powerful tools to effect genuine change.

Our bespoke programmes typically last between 5 and 10 days with in-depth coaching.

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ACT 6: Evolving Leadership Culture

More than ever organisations are needing to derive initiative and participation from all levels of the company. To maximise participation, groups and teams must invest time to establish optimum ways to communicate information, thoughts and feelings openly and honestly. Facilitation from and external provider, without any investment in the issues, can enable groups to move forward with mutual trust, grace and optimum collaboration.

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Personal Development for Women Leaders

Women are being called on to search deeply within themselves to find their unique power and authentic voice, having the courage and skills to articulate clearly what they stand for and against, in order to become role models that will help build a sustainable future for our troubled planet.

Using the myth of Demeter and Persephone, we encourage women to focus on their own personal development: to examine the bigger perspective of their lives and recognise the privilege and opportunity they have in their roles to influence others.

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