Womens Leadership Training

Personal Development for Women Leaders

“The wild woman carries the bundles for healing: she carries everything a woman needs to be and to know..." 


What the Programme is about:

The story of Demeter and Persephone is powered by a sense of self. How women operate effectively and skillfully in a patriarchal world that doesn't always support them: how do they take on systems that are oppressive and continue to access what is best within themselves? Women are being called on to search deeply to find their unique power and authentic voice. We provide women's leadership training

The myth is best known as the story of the creation of the seasons. Persephone is abducted by Hades and taken to the underworld, and her mother, Demeter, must use her skills and resources to rescue her. The outcome is the seasons: in winter everything goes underground; in spring there's growth; summer is when everything comes to fruition; and autumn is a time of harvest. These transitions, or cycles, are apparent not only in a woman's personal life but also in her working and organisational ones.

This is a deeply personal journey that we invite women to travel on together in a contained, safe environment, in order to emerge as Persephone does in the story, regenerated, re-born and more fully herself.


Who is it for?

Women in leadership roles who want to work on their personal development through women's leadership development


What does the Programme deliver

  • A rejuvenated connection with yourself, other women and nature
  • Determination and confidence to own and stand more fully in your power
  • New awareness, deep insight and the sweetness of support to realise your dreams for your life and work as a woman




For more information or to discuss your organisation's women's leadership training needs, please contact us on:

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“Mythodrama is the most powerful and innovative experience I have had on my personal leadership journey.”

“A programme which energises, challenges and supports you to think about your role and the different tools you can employ to lead yourself and others.”



Management and leadership are tested every day in the complex interactions we engage in at work - yet most of us are not practised in managing the range of communication challenges we face. This programme employs a memorable combination of archetypal psychology, theatrical technique and practical application to enable managers to become more flexible and to learn how to adapt to changing role requirements.

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