Communication Skills Training Course

Expanding Your Repertoire, Maximising Your Potential

“No one is born a leader - we have to consciously develop into the leader we want to become.”


What the Programme is about:

Management and leadership are tested every day in the complex interactions we engage in at work - yet most of us are not practised in managing the range of communication challenges we face. This communication skills training employs a memorable combination of archetypal psychology, theatrical technique and practical application to enable managers to become more flexible and to learn how to adapt to changing role requirements.

We work with four key communication potentials – archetypes found in all cultures present and past: the Good King, the Great Mother, the Medicine Woman and the Warrior. These potentials exist within everyone and, as “characters of communication”, enable us to respectively: set out a clear context with strategic intent, establish trust and honest participation, stimulate a creative problem-solving environment, and ensure committed implementation. To work at full potential we need to access each character and switch between character roles as appropriate, depending on the situation. Most people at work are experts in one or two of these roles, but very few naturally have access to all four. Such gaps cause communication problems for individuals, teams and whole organisations.


Who is it for?

Leaders, at all levels, looking to enhance their communication potential, increase their awareness and insight into different leadership and follower styles and gain the confidence and ability to communicate through all four styles. Leaders looking to improve communication skills through communications training


What does the Programme deliver?

  • Understanding the importance of adaptive communication styles
  • Assessing current communication strengths and blindspots
  • Learning how to play all four ‘characters of communication’
  • GOOD KING: Building consent around common goals Setting context with calm authority
  • GREAT MOTHER: Establishing trust and safety in a team environment The power of listening and encouraging collaborative effort
  • MEDICINE WOMAN: Creating a space for others to explore new options Adapting personal energy levels to change group energy
  • WARRIOR: Upholding accountability and boundaries Motivating towards successful outcomes




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“It gripped me from the opening sentences and held my attention for the entire day. I now know more about myself and the way my behaviour can influence people, as a result.”

“This is one of the best leadership courses I have attended. It had a noticeable impact on my team and the feedback from them has been impressive.”

"A brilliant evocation of leadership through the eyes of a young king. It has shown me there is no room for part time leadership…”



Everyone has days, meetings, presentations where they perform at a high level. At such times you feel on top of your game, in an easy flow of thought, feeling and action. You radiate presence, connect easily with people and inspire, motivate and build trust through your authenticity. Occasionally you will also arrive in ‘the zone’ of effortless peak performance.

But do you know how to access this level of performance consistently and at will?

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