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“Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears”


What the Programme is about:

The theme of this programme is influence: how to cultivate it and how to use it wisely. This is an influence training course through the story of Julius Caesar.

Shakespeare’s most political play tells the story of four men vying for power: Julius Caesar, Brutus, Cassius and Mark Antony. The differing fates of the main characters reflect their varying abilities to gauge the temperature of the times and to mobilise support for their positions.

Julius Caesar may have been written over four hundred years ago but its themes and insights remain astonishingly relevant. The handling of politics, both internal and external, is a crucial aspect of leadership. This programme helps participants identify the key sources of power working both for and against them while providing them with opportunities to practice new skills to enhance their abilities to exert influence. It also stresses the importance of forging successful coalitions and the shrewd timing of interventions.  


Who is it for?

  • Leaders seeking to enhance their abilities to influence others positively
  • Organisations needing to change their internal and/or external politics to increase their effectiveness
  • Groups facing specific political dilemmas that require in-depth exploration through an influence training course


What does the Programme deliver?

  • Skills and techniques to increase the power to influence
  • Greater appreciation of the subtleties of effective political manoeuvring
  • Improved ability to read and navigate politics operating in the workplace


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“A classic story that is so relevant in today’s business world.”

“The finest and potentially highest yielding investment in our Leadership Development history to date.” CEO, Fujitsu 



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