Inspirational Leadership Training - HENRY V

“From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be remembered -
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers”


What the Programme is about:

This programme is all about inspiration: how to find it and, equally importantly, how to communicate it.

Of all Shakespeare’s plays, Henry V offers us the deepest insights into the nature of this priceless quality. A new king unites his warring nobles around a common goal - reclaiming lost territory in France – and overcomes all obstacles in his path to achieve a near miraculous victory at the battle of Agincourt.

Yet the object of the exercise is not simply to teach participants to mimic Henry. We seek to draw out their personal leadership styles and identify how these may impact those around them both positively and negatively. Then, using the play’s rich material, we encourage them to explore ways of developing their emotional intelligence to maximise their motivational abilities and build meaningful and lasting relationships.

This is inspirational leadership training through the stories of Henry V. 

Who is it for?

  • Groups preparing for big challenges
  • Leaders wishing to enhance their awareness of the impact of their actions from multiple perspectives
  • Those seeking to maximise their abilities to motivate and inspire


What does the Programme deliver?

  • Increased awareness of different leadership styles and how they can most effectively be utilised to unite members of an organisation behind its purpose and goals
  • Insight into the nature of inspiration, motivation and the building of trust
  • A deeper understanding of participants’ own senses of purpose and how they can best be communicated to others 


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Further Learning:

Inspirational Leadership by Richard Olivier

Timeless lessons for leaders from Shakespeare's Henry V

Henry V is Shakespeare's greatest leader - inspired and inspiring, visionary yet pragmatic, powerful yet responsible. As a study of an inspirational leader, he remains unparalleled. In this fascinating book, acclaimed theatre director and creative consultant Richard Olivier draws on his intimate knowledge of the play, and its absorbing central character, to unmask the secrets of inspirational leadership, and reveal the lessons which can be learned by managers and leaders today. 

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“Probably the best course on leadership I have attended. Inspirational in content and delivery and very different to other courses I have attended.”

“Great insights from a play that is more than 400 years old!”

“…One of the best, most rewarding and stimulating sessions I have ever attended. I came out of it genuinely excited by what I had heard. Amidst all the management jargon, this was something that touched a deeper core.”



The theme of this programme is change: the skilful management of the forces at play to bring about the successful transformation of an organisation.

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