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Stephanie L Bateson



“There are moments in time that define who we are – as a person, as a team, as a business. If we allow ourselves to pause, reflect amid the noise and turmoil that is every day business life...

Mythodrama offers a unique experience, with compelling stories and powerful images, drawing on the essence and language of theatre to create such moments for you. They take you on a journey of discovery, of deep personal learning, that is tailored to your particular situation or circumstance. You’ll explore, with honesty and integrity, your sense of purpose and meaning both on a personal and organisational level. And you’ll emerge with a better understanding of who you are and where you want to be.

I have been privileged to work with Mythodrama on a number of occasions, each in their own way inspirational, magical, memorable. Currently engaged by Centrica Energy, I am working with Mythodrama and their unique proposition to bring about cultural and behavioural change across the East Irish Sea assets and their people. We’ve forged a valuable partnership with Mythodrama, using 1 to 1 coaching, team development and broad based experiential programmes with dramatic impact on this major supplier of gas to the UK. These are our defining moments.

Mythodrama brings together the irreconcilable; making complexity simple; the unattainable, accessible. They inspire hope and belief where there is none. Sheer genius.” 


“ Whether it is Shakespeare’s genius or Olivier Mythodrama’s unique ability to make the insightful connections, or both, these mythological lessons create safe places for dangerous truths that are essential for today’s global leaders... ”

Pivot Learning
Ron Meeks, Senior Partner

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 “ Over the last ten years Olivier Mythodrama has been a strategic partner of the Said Business School, Oxford University in the delivery of Executive Education Programs... ”

Said Business School University of Oxford
Dr Andrew White, Associate Dean

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