Dr Andrew White

Associate Dean - Executive Education


“Over the last ten years Olivier Mythodrama has been a strategic partner of the Said Business School, Oxford University in the delivery of Executive Education Programs. They have made a major contribution to our journey of becoming the No. 1 provider of Executive Education in the UK (Financial Times 2011) and ensuring the success we have seen developing leaders from FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies, as well as many other companies and governments, who are seeking strategic success in the midst of 21st century challenges.

Their work compliments our academic teaching by enabling participants to address their individual and organisational leadership challenges in a practical yet profound way. Through the utilisation of Shakespeare’s plays they have created a means by which busy executives can reflect on their leadership challenges, and often achieve greater levels of increase in performance than if they had had months of coaching.

Their sessions consistently rank amongst the highest of all in our programs and their program leaders and coaches are of the highest standard witnessed in the Executive Education world.

It gives me great pleasure to recommend their services to all organisations who face the challenge of developing leaders who can help them transition successfully through the 21st Century.”



“ There are moments in time that define who we are - as a person, as a team, as a business. If we allow ourselves to pause, reflect amid the noise and turmoil that is every day business life... ”

Centrica Energy
Stephanie L Bateson, Director

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 “ Whether it is Shakespeare’s genius or Olivier Mythodrama’s unique ability to make the insightful connections, or both, these mythological lessons create safe places for dangerous truths that are essential for today’s global leaders... ”

Pivot Learning
Ron Meeks, Senior Partner

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