Why Mythodrama


Preparing better leaders for a brave new world

We are living through times of increasing economic and political uncertainty unlike anything we have experienced before. Technical disruption, climate change, globalisation, an ageing population with a highly influential younger generation is affecting the way we live, work and relate to each other.

Not surprisingly this widening generational gap results in more division with organisations, struggling to adapt, reducing the average lifespan to just 18 years.

How do we respond?

By being more ‘human’ than ever. We need to find new ways of uniting and solving problems together. The way we communicate drives our organisational culture and with millennials favouring a style of collaboration and co-creation, coupled with teams often spread across multiple geographies, there is much to learn on both sides.

We believe that storytelling is the magic that connects and helps us make sense of the world, wherever in the world we are. It makes us feel, think and understand in a way that no other method can. And there is no greater storyteller than Shakespeare.


Deep-rooted experiential learning

Starting with Shakespeare, we help you explore the leadership story that is relevant to you, and then combine this with a deep understanding of your leadership archetype uncovering ways of communicating you didn’t realise you had. This ‘hidden’ power can then unite a workforce around a single vision.

It’s a memorable experience that is so deep-rooted that it will transform you from the inside, rippling out across your organisation outlasting and outperforming any other leadership development programme.