Introducing the 10 Leadership Archetypes in next generation Mythodrama

Olivier Mythodrama have been exploring Archetypal Psychology for 20 years. Archetypes are the underlying patterns of human nature and experience that are, often invisibly, ‘running the show’. They deeply inform the character that leaders present to the world - and the culture of an organisation. The better you understand these underlying patterns and the more consciously you use them, the more effective you will be.


You may already be familiar with one of our earlier iterations of 4 Archetypes. After extensive research and practical application - and in partnership with Archetypes at Work™ - we have now defined an overarching template of 10 Archetypes that drive behaviour and culture in individuals, teams and organisations. These are based on the 5 essential ‘Realms of Leadership’:


The Realm of Order is about how we organise our life and business, the realm of Relationship is about how we engage with others, Creativity about how we initiate the new, Change about how we manage transitions and Action about how we get things done. Each of these has 2 Archetypes which operate in the realm in importantly different ways. 


The Sovereign brings Order though Vision and Purpose, setting direction and being comfortable at the centre of things, whereas the Strategist brings Order through Structure and Mastery, often working ‘back stage’ to analyse the details, plan precisely and then build the road ahead.

The Nurturer creates Relationship through Care and Empathy, they give whatever it takes to grow and develop others, whereas the Lover values a relationship of equals, appreciating beauty and focusing on what they and others desire.

The Dreamer accesses Creativity though Imagination and Inspiration and is comfortable with the unknown and the irrational, whereas the Storyteller will synthesise different threads and weave them into a coherent narrative that can be communicated to others.

The Renegade enables Change though invention and disruption, becoming a lightning rod for the future to emerge almost intact, whereas the Transformer brings the more slow Shamanic approach of regeneration and mystery, enabling the necessary deaths and rebirths along the way from old to new story.

The Warrior moves into Action assertively, challenging others and the status quo, and vigorously defending their own territory, in pursuit of a clear goal, whereas the Explorer is on a quest for adventure and truth, on the outside climbing a mountain because ‘it is there’ and on the inside seeking philosophical gold.

We have found these to be more effective in terms of diagnosing personal and team preference - and more practical in terms of ongoing development than any previous version. As a result, we now work with some or all of the 10 Archetypes in all our shorter programmes and have developed a unique new coaching methodology, Archetypal Constellation Coaching, to use in longer programmes. We have developed a set of Leadership Archetype Cards that allow participants to quickly identify their current Archetypal Patterning. Every programme includes reflection time for clients to identify actions to rehearse and live into their desired ‘future-fit’ Archetypal pattern.



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