Who We Work With

We’ve worked with the leadership teams of some of the world’s most successful and progressive organisations.

We’ve led programmes in a Chateau in France, on a boat in Brussels, in museums, hotels, a distillery and even in the Tower of London. We’ve had the privilege of developing leaders around the world from the USA to Australia and almost everywhere in between.

The one common goal for all of these organisations is to bring humanity back to work. By investing in and developing their people, they want to prepare better, future fit leaders by creating lasting change from within.

It was the single most thought-provoking leadership session I’ve ever had. Each team member of mine took away something different but everyone took away something. It has already changed the way we work together and set the tone for our teams.

National Grid

This has had a profound impact on me and my leadership – the best insights I’ve had for years.


I truly think Olivier Mythodrama are wonderful, it’s absolutely a worthwhile investment and a way to do leadership development that is engaging and different from standard fare


Who we’ve worked with

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