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Olivier Mythodrama uses the power of drama for transformative leadership training.

Our unique approach is based on timeless mythology and the great plays of Shakespeare. These are stories that tap into the fundamentals of what it means to be a leader: inspiring others, wise decision-making and behaving with conviction and integrity.

Using techniques derived from theatre practice and informed by a profound understanding of psychology and contemporary organisational culture, Olivier Mythodrama works on brain, heart and body. It recreates the environment of the rehearsal room to help participants explore key elements of their professional lives in creative, practical ways. Rather than simply thinking about the issues involved, they are given the opportunity to enact them, reflect on them and then revise their approaches accordingly.

This ‘embodied learning’ goes far deeper than mere words. By generating memorable experiences in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere, Olivier Mythodrama equips participants with rich resources to mine in future, enabling them to deal with a wide variety of scenarios more flexibly and effectively than before.

Developed by Richard Olivier, a member of one of the world’s most respected theatrical families, Olivier Mythodrama has been helping companies and organisations maximise their leadership potential since 2001.


Our team of Associates out in the field delivering Mythodrama are ably supported by the team in the office (sales & logistics) - working together to exceed our clients’ expectations. We aim to achieve this time after time - at the highest level of service.

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Our clients tell us we are highly effective. They talk of our professionalism, energy, passion and unique experiential approach. Find out who we've worked with.

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