Our approach uses the power of storytelling to engage participants in a way that traditional leadership development programmes can’t. Participants are immersed in the world of Shakespeare’s plays, and they explore the characters and themes in depth to gain a deeper understanding of leadership.

One of the key benefits of our approach is that it is highly experiential. Participants are not just learning about leadership; they are actively practicing it. Through experiential exercises and other activities, they have the opportunity to try out different leadership styles and techniques.

Another important aspect is that our training focuses on the emotional intelligence of leaders. Shakespeare’s plays are renowned for their exploration of human emotion, and the approach uses this to help leaders develop their own emotional and political intelligence. By understanding the emotions of others, leaders can become more effective at managing their teams and achieving their goals. It’s important to mention that we are not a Shakespeare appreciation society; there is no roleplay, acting required, or embarrassing elements. This is pure leadership using story as a case study.