APR stands for Archetypal Preference Report. The APR is a 100 question assessment that unlocks an individuals archetypal pattern. By identifying these patterns, you can determine a more ‘future fit’ version of yourself or your team. We then work with participants to create a development plan to reach that ‘future fit’ goal. The plan allows individuals and teams to better understand each other and how best to approach certain situations. Once the APR is completed the individual will have a one hour debrief and coaching session with one our team.

The APR shows what your preferences are right now, but also allows you to understand and develop into what you want or need to be. It’s a development tool rather than a label. The APR also allows the individual to gain further insights into their gifts as well as their shadows.

When a whole team completes an APR we are able to see the make up of that team and what each individual contributes, and understand if there a deficit in the team/individual that may be limiting their capabilities/growth or execution.