Ben Joiner


Ben is a leadership and communication skills expert with 15 years of experience in the public and private sector, helping individuals and teams at every level of an organisation. Drawing on his background in actor training and performance, he uses a variety of creatively inspired, scientifically informed and experiential learning methods to create meaningful results for his clients.

Communicating the complexity of change, building trust and fostering audience engagement are often central themes in his workshops. Ben has worked across disciplines globally to support people express their purpose with clarity and heart to a wide range of key stakeholders and new audiences. His approach favours a bespoke, client centred process that allows for authenticity and leadership to integrate successfully alongside the culture and needs of the host organisation.

Ben’s training to date has been multi-disciplinary moving from the arts and humanities through academia to corporate leadership coaching. He has an MA in Voice Studies from London University, is a trained actor with a long history of performance experience on screen and stage and even has a degree in dance!