Ben Warwick

Ben Warwick


Ben trained as an actor at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama and has enjoyed a broad-ranging and international career in theatre, film and television in the 20 or so years since.

As a director and teacher, he has worked extensively in the U.S. with positions at several prestigious universities and centres of education including Vassar College, The University of Notre Dame & West Point Military Academy. He has worked closely with Olivier Mythodrama since 2021.

Ben is particularly interested in helping people to acknowledge and cultivate their own unique qualities and innate abilities. In doing so, we can then bring the very best of ourselves to the ever-changing opportunities and challenges that face us our professional lives.

Ben specializes in the fundamentals of what truly lies behind such attributes as presence, charisma, approachability, dynamism and the practicalities behind what makes a person genuinely inspirational.