Michael Boyle

Michael Boyle

Programme Lead

Michael Boyle is a psychotherapist, facilitator, leadership coach and student of mythology. He has also studied at The Institute of Group Analysis and has an MA in psychotherapy from City University.

As a Founding Associate of Olivier Mythodrama, his work is on the cusp of personal development and professional effectiveness in leadership. He is originator of Taking the Lead – an extended, in-depth leadership programme for entrepreneurs and aspiring change makers.

He has formed and facilitated a wide range of teams and groups in theatre, boardroom, sports, and NHS settings and has co-created Mythodrama workshops at the Globe Theatre for the casts involved in productions of Henry V and The Merchant of Venice.

He is the founder of Abandofbrothers, a rites of passage and mentoring charity for disaffected youth, and leads personal development retreats internationally with a particular interest in developing youth leadership.

In his work with Olivier Mythodrama, he has led and facilitated a wide range of client groups in diverse settings.