Pamela Twigg


Pamela is a certified coach with more than 20 years of experience in international business. She employs a generative wholeness approach, which provides clarity, direction, and positive support for her clients. Her objective as a coach is to help clients determine where growth is desired, set goals, and create paths toward those goals. She believes in helping clients both to obtain their professional goals and to live balanced lives. To that end, she weaves her own personal and professional experiences — living on two continents, managing global cross-cultural teams, balancing work and family — into her approach.

Pamela’s previous business background involved managing commercial global teams in the ICT sector. She often found herself working with individual team members to overcome attitudes or cross-cultural misunderstandings that prevented them from contributing to the whole. Eventually, she came to realize that her passion was not so much managing clients’ networks as helping people to fulfil their potential.

In 2022, after listening to her heart, she left her corporate job to focus full-time on coaching. She is an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation and an Archetypes at WorkTM Certified Guild Practitioner. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages from Clarion University and a master’s degree in American Studies from the University of Amsterdam. Pamela lives in the mountains of Western Maryland with her husband, their 13-year-old son, and their ever-so-energetic dog, Friso. She is fluent in English and Dutch and moderately comfortable in French.