Authentic Leadership Programme

“...You find your genius by looking in the mirror of your life."


What the Programme is about:

This programme is all about authenticity: the more leaders are willing and able to be authentic – to deepen the congruence between inner and out experience – the more others are able to give them trust, support and discretionary effort. This is about authentic leadership through the myth of Parsifal.

The initial stages of leadership are inevitably concerned with proving oneself and externally validated achievement. Yet, the more mature stages – beyond the hero – are concerned with legacy and service.

Drawing on the powerful time – honoured wisdom of the myth of Parsifal and his Quest for the Grail, re-imagined for the modern leader, this programme takes leaders on a compelling experiential journey of discovery – of self and soul purpose.


Who is it for?

  • Groups on a longer journey
  • Leaders ready for a ‘deep dive’ into authenticity, identity and service
  • Those seeking greater self-awareness around their own drivers
  • Groups seeking a mutual sense of what they serve in the world


What does the Programme deliver?

  • Moving beyond the heroic ego to mature leadership
  • A deeper understanding if the internal drivers of individual leadership style and behaviours
  • Increased awareness of the archetypal patterns in leadership - and their shadows
  • Finding real value in failure as key learning for the future
  • The role of the mentor to release potential
  • Insight coaching to enable necessary changes in leadership style  


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"It is a powerful way in which Leaders can explore their true inner selves and thus become more authentic."

"Mythodrama is a deeply experiential leadership development programme which, after attending many leadership courses, made a significant impression upon me. Using drama is a great learning aid and one that I’ll remember for a long time."

"It is the most clever, generous, kind and challenging course in authentic leadership I have attended to date."



Management and leadership are tested every day in the complex interactions we engage in at work - yet most of us are not practised in managing the range of communication challenges we face. This programme employs a memorable combination of archetypal psychology, theatrical technique and practical application to enable managers to become more flexible and to learn how to adapt to changing role requirements.

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