Leadership Communication

What the Programme is about:

Leadership is about delivering effective communication. From the moment we take up a new post we are “on stage”, under scrutiny and expected to “perform”. Using the metaphors of presentation and rehearsal, this programme explores the full range of leadership communications. You will be introduced to a powerful set of skills employed by actors and other performers when developing key roles, and maximising personal impact.

Options include valuable techniques for a range of interactions – from telephone calls, one-to-one situations and meetings, to team talks, promotional boards and set-piece conference speeches. With these tools, participants will quickly learn the foundations of convincing, authentic communications that have a positive and lasting impact on any audience.

This is a highly practical and interactive programme. Each participant will make a short presentation at the start of the course, in order to receive creative and constructive feedback from the course leaders. Participants will also receive some individual coaching.


Who is it for?

Leaders and managers who seek a tool-kit to maximise their communication through the power of leadership communication


What does the Programme deliver?

  • Practical self-awareness
  • Techniques to manage performance anxiety
  • Increased self-assurance, reduced self-consciousness
  • Greater personal impact
  • A grounding in presence and authenticity
  • Natural ability to communicate with ease and confidence




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“It is great to have to have training in the subtleties of communication verbally at an official level. It gives you an advantage when it comes to getting your views cross.”

“As opposed to most single day course which can be of limited use, I saw a visible (and quite extreme) improvement in every person on the course from a.m. to p.m.”

“I found this programme to be fantastic. I’m already thinking about how to approach my next presentation.”



This programme is all about inspiration: how to find it and, equally importantly, how to communicate it.

Of all Shakespeare’s plays, Henry V offers us the deepest insights into the nature of this priceless quality. A new king unites his warring nobles around a common goal - reclaiming lost territory in France - and overcomes all obstacles in his path to achieve a near miraculous victory at the battle of Agincourt.

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