Increase your ability to ‘read the signs’ in complex situations, learn how to provide direction in challenging times and increase your awareness of how to respond creatively.

Evolutionary Leadership

Leadership lessons from Hamlet

Who is it for?

  • Leaders in volatile, uncertain times or dealing with ambiguous or complex situations
  • Leaders who want to be a creative catalyst for change
  • Groups facing systemic problems that are beyond their immediate control
  • Those seeking to identify what needs to change for their organisations to evolve successfully through workplace change management

Programme Overview

Hamlet traces the journey of a troubled Danish prince, who is visited by the ghost of his father and charged with avenging his murder. Initially paralysed by fear of the unknown and the complexities of the situation at court, he ultimately rises to the challenge, rooting out what is “rotten in the state of Denmark”. All successful organisations need to move with the times. This is a programme about evolution in the workplace. It shows leaders how to find meaning in challenging situations and move from seeing themselves as passive victims of fate to active agents of change.

This programme enables you to identify the calls to which you and your organisations must respond if you are to thrive, equipping you with creative tools to help you to move beyond the old stories which may be restricting. To be truly ready to answer the questions that the emerging future is asking, you, like Hamlet, must listen to your ‘soul’. This process will allow you to pinpoint what needs to go out and what needs to come in: the preparations, changes and sacrifices required for a positive outcome.

The impact of this programme

  • Increased self-awareness to better understand your strengths and weaknesses
  • Learning a more adaptive and growth oriented approach to challenges
  • Enhanced decision making, with an emphasis on considering long term consequences and sustainability
  • The ability to navigate and resolve conflicts constructively
  • Tools for finding meaning and direction in challenging times
  • Increased ability to ‘read the signs’ in complex situations
  • An appreciation of the value of self-reflective leadership
  • Increased sensitivity to evolutionary tensions within organisations and awareness of how to respond creatively

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