Learn how to communicate with confidence and purpose, how to improve your leadership effectiveness and make an even bigger impact by learning to work with your inner critic.

Leadership Presence

Personal Impact & Peak Performance

Who is it for

  • Organisations that need clarity throughout their systems
  • Leaders seeking to develop their influence and communication
  • Teams needing to develop an impact within the culture of the organisation

Programme overview

Everyone has days, meetings and presentations where they perform at a high level. At such times you feel on top of your game, in an easy flow of thought, feeling and action.

Occasionally you will also arrive in ‘the zone’ of peak performance. Here you are effortlessly inspirational, and experience full access to your vitality, imagination and clarity of insight. You radiate presence and connect easily with all around you, but can you access this level of performance consistently and at will?

We help leaders build on their talents for inspirational impact and increase effectiveness in everything they do. You will bring a short presentation as a live case study to measure your progress at the beginning and end of the programme.

The impact of this programme

  • Communicate with confidence and purpose
  • Building positive relationships – how to connect and build trust
  • Increased self awareness of your strengths, weaknesses and leadership style
  • Tools and frameworks to radiate your sense of purpose
  • The ability to understand and overcome our inner critic
  • Techniques for gaining buy-in, motivating teams and achieving desired outcomes
  • Increase leadership effectiveness and get into ‘the zone’
  • Work with your inner critic and develop a unique style of authentic presence
  • Make an even bigger impact and learn the fundamentals of presentation

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Archetypes at play

Leading – Sovereign / Storyteller / Nurturer / Lover