Archetypal Development Programme

Empowering you to unlock your full potential

Learn how you can identify and access the different parts of you that ‘show up’ at different times and situations in your life and discover how you can consciously access them to maximise their positive impact.

Using our 10 archetypal patterns as a memorable and easy to apply tool for effective work and life, you can learn to enhance your agility and increase your resilience – especially important in challenging times.



Each week we explore a different archetype and provide you with a set of simple tools and exercises to understand the impact that the archetypes have and how you can enhance your effectiveness by utilising them more effectively.

At the end of the programme, you will leave with a development plan to activate the Archetypes of your choice and with a co-coach to engage with beyond the Programme.

You can choose to join us for:

1 x Archetype – A taster to experience a lesser used Archetype

3 x Archetypes – Short term gain to remedy pressing concerns

6 x Archetypes – Medium term gain for improved effectiveness in chosen areas

10 x Archetypes – Long term gain for personal transformation in all areas of life or work

Whether you want to explore one, three, six or all ten Archetypes, there are packages available for you. The more you do, the more you will be able to choose to implement these different roles into your life.

Who is it for

  • Professional and personal development practitioners, coaches and mentors seeking a coherent frame to understand individuals and systems
  • Individuals, wishing to explore a practical path towards personal development
  • Those looking to understand how to motivate, engage and inspire others
  • Those wanting to develop the tools to make their lives and work more ‘future-fit’
  • Organisations wanting to foster a positive and proactive working environment

The impact of this programme

  • Develop individuals and teams, using a proven methodology based on performance psychology
  • Expand your repertoire to become more versatile and effective
  • Understand yourself and others in a profound way – recognise gifts, honour diversity and mitigate ‘shadow’ behaviour
  • Maximise abilities to motivate and inspire action within projects and teams

Course Information



Online via Zoom


1x Online Session Per Week for 10 Weeks
(10 sessions, plus an additional Integration/Wrap-up Session)


Every Thursday from 6th October to 8th December 2022 (Transformer session will be held on Tuesday 22 November)

Additional Integration/Wrap-up Session on 15th December 2022


2pm – 7pm (London, UK time)


Sovereign Archetype: 6th October 2022

Strategist Archetype: 13th October 2022

Nurturer Archetype: 20th October 2022

Lover Archetype: 27th October 2022

Dreamer Archetype: 3rd November 2022

Storyteller Archetype: 10th November 2022

Renegade Archetype: 17th November 2022

Transformer Archetype: 22nd November 2022

Warrior Archetype: 1st December 2022

Explorer Archetype: 8th December 2022

Integration/Wrap-up: 15th December 2022


For more information and to register click here.

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