Free Inspirational Leadership Session

Date: Thursday 11 July 2024
Time: 2pm GMT, 9am EST

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Step into the shoes of a legendary leader with our FREE half-day Inspirational Leadership session.

Join us for an exclusive 3-hour online session where we’ll be showcasing our award-winning Inspirational Leadership Programme inspired by the timeless tale of Henry V.

During this session, you’ll experience the dynamic fusion of theatre, storytelling, and leadership wisdom first hand. Be prepared to be captivated as we bring to life the challenges, triumphs, and timeless lessons from Henry V’s legendary leadership journey.

By participating in this immersive and interactive session, you’ll gain insights into how our innovative programmes can ignite inspiration, build resilience, and unlock your ability to navigate uncertainty, manage change and nurture innovation.

The session will be led by Ben Walden who will bring the story to life and unwrap the valuable lessons that need to be mastered – with no wooden swords or green tights in sight!

This is a unique opportunity to attend this one off session.

Places will be limited to a maximum of two people per organisation.

BONUS OFFER: If you decide to take the next step and book a full programme for your organisation, you’ll receive a 25% discount* on your booking! The catch, you only have 7 days to reserve your place, as this offer ends on Monday.

*To receive the discount you must attend the taster session. Discount applies to bookings made in 2024 for a 1 or 2 day Inspirational Leadership programme for up to 40 participants.

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