Improve your ability to communicate effectively, motivate and inspire. Unite teams around common goals, build resilience, and trust.

Inspirational Leadership

Leadership Lessons from Henry V

Who is it for?

  • Groups preparing for big challenges
  • Leaders wishing to be aware of the impact of their actions from multiple perspectives
  • Those wanting to maximise their abilities to motivate and inspire action
  • Organisations wishing to break down silos and form productive coalitions
  • Leaders wanting to build resilience and lead through uncertain times
  • Those needing to manage political relationships

Overview of story

Henry V provides a template for leaders to evaluate themselves and examine their big projects. Henry must step into a new role, gather a diverse team together, agree on a big project and then overcome significant difficulties on the journey towards a great victory against the odds. We highlight themes of purpose, vision, motivation and inspiration in a highly interactive and experiential programme. If you don’t know what inspires you, it will be almost impossible to inspire anyone else. Participants are introduced to an overview of the story and then explore the leadership challenges most relevant to them.

The object of the exercise is not simply to teach participants to mimic Henry, we seek to draw out your personal leadership styles and identify how these may impact those around you both positively and negatively. We then encourage you to explore ways of developing your emotional intelligence to unleash your motivational abilities and build meaningful and lasting relationships.

The impact of this programme

  • Improved communication skills including effective listening, clear articulation of ideas and persuasive speaking
  • Critical thinking and how to make timely and informed decisions
  • Increased self awareness of your strengths, weaknesses and leadership style
  • Skills to build motivation and trust
  • Tools to improve collaboration at work
  • Learning strategies for navigating uncertainty, managing change and nurturing innovation
  • Increased confidence and a greater sense of purpose

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