Archetypes at work, getting future fit through online learning

Archetypes at Work

Here at Olivier Mythodrama we have an exciting new online immersion programme focusing on archetypes at work. 

Archetypes have been studied for centuries and most commonly known and used in the work of Carl Jung. Over the last 20 years Richard and Laurence have embarked in deep research to identify the 10 AT’s now used and offered by Olivier Mythodrama.

I recently sat down with Richard Olivier, our Artistic Director to find out all about the archetypes, why they are important in the world of work and crucially in these chaotic times that we have found ourselves with the recent world events. 

So firstly – what exactly are Archetypes at work?

Archetypes are a primary form that manifests around the world in many different ways. Every culture, and every individual will have an archetypal pattern. These can be related to 10 archetypes that have been identified over thousands of years primary characters that can characterize an individual. 

Each has its own unique view of the world and as individuals we develop preferences and exhibit aspects of the archetypes. 

These ways of looking at the world can be really useful, particularly those in areas of responsibility and leadership and in uncertain times. By being able to see what patterns the world is presenting to you, to be able to understand them and then respond to them appropriately is a really valued skill in the modern workplace or in everyday life – wherever people are attempting to live a purposeful life in a chaotic age. 

We use the notion of 5 realms, which makes it easier to grasp: 

Order – how we organise things. 

Relationship – how we relate to people.

Creativity – how we initiate new things in our world.

Change – how we manage transitions.

Action – how we get things done.

Each of the realms has 2 archetypes associated with it. 

Can everyone develop in this way?

Some people go for more depth – they will have a few archetypes that they have refined and practiced and are effectively set in their ways. Others have more breadth and are more flexible and open to change. Both can definitely develop using the archetypes but some may be quicker to respond and realise they can develop a discipline. It is about approaching in the right way for that person.

Is there such a thing as an Ideal archetype pattern?

All 10 of the archetypes have their own unique value, nothing is more important than the other. 

Each of us has all of them inside of us all in our nature, it is about activating them in our behaviour . This is where the exercises, workshops and our new e-learning platform comes in, to give people a way to get into appropriate archetypal shape with their mind, body and emotions. It is a full embodied learning experience encompassed in an online setting. 

What can we expect from this new online programme?

This offering provides a really exciting mixture of pre work, dialogue, creative exercises, cognitive exercises and small group coaching. It is spread across 5 weeks with 2 weekly online sessions. 

We have designed it to be a deep dive into each archetype. As part of the preparation work, participants will be invited to think about things going on in their life that they could use as an  archetype. A good example to consider would be the Sovereign in the realm of order – it is about vision and purpose. So we would ask people to think about where they are finding purpose in their life, are they connected to a bigger vision, are they feeling inspired? 

We have created archetypal themed check-ins where people are paired up and they check in with each other about what they have been thinking about. 

We also incorporate some physical work into the programme with gestures to enable people to sense that archetype in their body and notice how comfortable or uncomfortable it is at that moment. 

We are joined by thought leaders who offer relevant information about what the archetype has to offer an individual and a team and how we view the world. 

Finally we have designed some deeper, behavioural exercises where people are promoted to use the archetype appropriately to develop their capacity to use outside the course in their working life. We really investigate their sense of purpose, motivations and their vision of their place in the emerging world. 

Who can we expect to meet on this programme?

Anyone in any walk of life can benefit from this type of personal development and we have a real mixture of people joining us from Programme Management, the world of HR, Senior Coaches, Business Owners and Creative Therapists. 

Learning to change your story may seem a little daunting but with our programme we use a simple notion of using archetypes as characters on a stage such as leading, supporting and more. 

We provide the tools and follow up support to inhabit the desired new archetype, get feedback, rehearse it until you are comfortable enough to perform in your everyday life and really transform your authentic self. 

We are hosting a free taster session to give you more insight into the Archetypes and the benefits that come with embodying them. You can register to join us on Tuesday 6th October. 

If you are as excited as we are about this impactful new online offering and want to find out how you can be joining us on 3rd October, you can read more about the programme, the schedule and key dates here.   

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