Create connections to bring humanity back to work

So much has changed over the last few years, from the way we work and where we work, to how we work and the way we interact and engage with each other. But it’s not just the pandemic that has had this extraordinary effect on us as organisations, as teams, and as individuals. The pandemic has only accelerated the change and heightened the fact that work can be dehumanising.

We live and work in a disconnected world, some of us work alone in virtual environments, for others who are office based there can be a disconnect with those they work with daily. For many people who work from home when they see their colleagues, they’re in small boxes on a computer screen. People are built to have connections, so for those who aren’t office based, creating connections with others can be difficult. There is only so much of a connection that can made through a computer screen unless you really make the effort to do so. For those in offices, it’s slightly easier but there are still obstacles to overcome. We all have to work harder to find and build the connections that drive us forward and keep us engaged.

A disconnected workforce can have quite a negative impact on an organisation. If individuals aren’t connected, how can they know if a colleague is feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or needs help – whether it’s work related or not? How can someone offer to lend a hand or take the time to listen to someone if they’re not connected with that person and don’t know how they’re feeling? If you’re not connected how easy would it be for you to ask for help? If you do ask for help, how do you know your colleague has the time and ability to provide you with what you need?

There may be a lot of reasons why we choose not to connect, if you do want to, what’s stopping you? Do you not have the time to connect, do you not know how to help if someone were to ask, are you scared to ask for help as you don’t want to appear as though you don’t have the answer or be seen as struggling?

Creating these connections, showing each other you care is important in work and in life. We all need to be able to rely on colleagues, put our trust in them and have them trust us. In today’s world of work, it’s normal for life and work to overlap in more ways than it used to. Find the time to connect. As leaders we need to encourage it, as individuals we need to nurture it because it is one of the many ways, we can bring humanity back into the workplace.

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