Is poor training harming your business?

Greg Kirwan discusses why finding the right training provider for your business is so important.

We all know how powerful learning and development can be when it’s done properly. People are likely to stay at an organisation for longer, they feel invested in, it boosts their morale which has a knock-on effect on those around them, it increased productivity, improves workplace culture, I could go on and on about the benefits but, it only has such a positive impact if it’s done well.

If you type into Google ‘leadership development courses’, you get thousands of results. They all claim to be the best, have the biggest impact, the most sustainable results. There are too many to choose from and how do you know you’re choosing the right course for your organisation? This is the challenge that many L&D teams are now facing.

With demand for training and development on the increase it is really important to choose the right training provider as poor training can have a negative impact on your organisation.


The world has changed a lot over the last few years and there is clearly more change coming. The content of training courses needs to change too. Using the same content from five years ago isn’t going to have the impact you need it to and participants wont gain any real benefit from going through the training. It needs to relate to the current challenges that businesses are facing now and, in the future, and be seen to be providing tips to help overcome those challenges.


Think about how the training is being delivered. More training is being provided online as teams are spread far and wide. If you haven’t adapted your existing training so it can be delivered online in an engaging way, it’s going to fail. There are too many distractions in today’s world so creating the ability for people switch off from the day to day and be fully immersed is essential if you want to create training that has a lasting impact.


When training leadership teams, creating engagement can be a challenge. Engagement comes from creating content that is timely and relevant and delivered in way that makes them want to learn. The people delivering the training are just as important as the content itself. The skill of drawing people in, of making people want to listen and learn is fundamental to the success of a training programme. Gaining that trust in the trainers allows participants to become fully immersed in the programme, enabling them to learn more, be more willing to go outside of their comfort zone to try a new technique and gain the tools and tips they need to make the training stick with them. Without this engagement participants will go back to their desks without having learned anything.

I have heard so many stories about poor leadership training. It wasn’t relevant, it was outdated, we didn’t connect with the trainers. Training shouldn’t be boring. It should resonate and inspire and provide a lasting impact on the individual taking part. The impact on that person should be felt amongst their team and wider organisation. The more engaging and dynamic the training the greater that impact and the more long lasting it will be.

Olivier Mythodrama has been delivering innovative and thought provoking leadership training for over 20 years. The people and organisations we have worked with describe our training as life changing. We think they’re right. We already work with some of the world’s leading businesses. Are you ready to join them?

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