People matter

On average UK employees spend over 3,500 days working in their lifetime and this doesn’t take into account any overtime worked. It also depends on your role and the industry you work in, so for many this figure will be much higher.

There are many reasons we stay at a particular organisation and maybe surprisingly salary is not very high on that list. So, what does matter to people?

  • Supportive manager
  • Social ties with team members
  • Sense of belonging
  • Belief in the vision and leadership of an organisation
  • Career growth

Whatever your reason, almost all relate to people, the human factor. When you spend so much time together you are going to build connections and relationships with those you work most closely with.

When these relationships are soured by a leader’s inability to lead effectively, it’s the team that suffers and creates an unpleasant working environment. Leaders shouldn’t drive team members to compete against each other, they shouldn’t lead by fear. Instead, they need to lead by example, nurture their team to encourage strong bonds, because a team is not a group of people who simply work together, they’re a team because they respect, trust and care for each other. A team that does that is a far more valuable asset to an organisation.

People matter. The team around you matter, if you lose sight of that you risk losing your best resource. Bring humanity back into the workplace so that you grow and support each other. We spend so much time with our colleagues, create connections that mean something, because if not now, when?

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