The Dreamer

We continue with our new series of blogs looking at the Archetype’s. Here we explore The Dreamer. 

Has your creative inspiration dried up with all the ‘fire fighting’ already done this year?

Dried up?? Never!! Your creative inspiration is an infinite well of support waiting to assist you!! You might have covered it up with the distractions of life but it is a part of you that you can never lose!

So if you feel like you’ve tried everything then you are definitely not engaging your Dreamer to its full capacity! The great news is the Dreamer is the part of you that actually operates beyond all you’ve ever known. It is highly adept at moving beyond the tried and trusted!

Have you stopped to ever think about what story you are running in your life? I am not ‘this enough’ or ‘that enough’. It will ‘never work’, ‘we don’t have the money or time!’. Luckily your Dreamer can’t hear any of this dialogue because it’s tuned into a radio station that’s beyond the old one you play to yourself every day! Your Dreamer is the one who can hear the enticing music of a future that you can’t yet see.

It’s now a well-known fact that Human Beings don’t like uncertainty. For many the idea of not being able to plan ahead because you don’t know what’s coming down the road is hugely destabilizing. However give your Dreamer the unknown and it gasps with excitement at the blank canvas lain before it!! The Dreamer comes alive as it realises it’s been presented a brand new possibility sphere to live into!

Now the other thing the human psyche is not great at is the notion of chaos. However the Dreamer thrives in chaos because it understands it as the natural terrain for big change to arrive. It sees it as the nature of the beast. So your Dreamer will not lose it’s footing! In fact it’s worked out a good quick step to move through disorder and disruption!

“But I just can’t access my imagination and I don’t think I really ever have”. Well you only have to drop your head from eye level and if there any children that happen to be in your environment right now then just take a closer look at what they’re doing. Notice how the child can peer into each moment and then expand it wide open into a vibrant array of adventure and possibility!

Well the good news is because you were once a child the cellular memory to access this powerful ability to imagine is still there. It’s just waiting for you to dust it off and wear it’s vibrant colours once more. As you do allow yourself to go back to a time when your mind didn’t hear the logical objection of ‘no but’. Instead remember how it sang to the creative impulse of ‘imagine what’s possible!!’

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