The Nurturer

We continue with our new series of blogs looking at the Archetypes. We will pose a question based on each to explore them in more detail and invite you to do the same.

Are you looking after yourself in 2020?

Did you know that you share your birthday with 18 million people on this planet? That’s a pretty big figure. Does it make you realize you have more in common with other people than you thought? How about the fact that you are most probably experiencing the same emotional response at the same time to this pandemic as 98% people on the planet. Knowing we’re not alone in our experience can give us a sense of relief that this is all manageable.

The Nurturer cares deeply about how we connect to ourselves, to each other and to the world. In fact the Nurturer in us thrives on authentic communication and expression. It’s the part of you that invites you to bring your Whole Self to your life. To pay attention to the ‘human being’ and not the ‘human doing’.

The Nurturer reminds us about ‘what matters.’ It is the part of us that will force us to slow down and take care of our own needs. 2020 has given us permission to stop and take notice of our feelings in a way we had not previously addressed. Venturing into our ‘feeling world’ is no longer something that holds shame. In fact ignore your feelings at your own peril. The Nurturer allows us to access patience and compassion for ourselves. You are not alone in not being able to manage your feelings. This is something most of us experience but don’t always talk about.

The Nurturer also naturally shows kindness. So be good to yourself. Know that you are doing the best you can with the resources you have. Admitting to yourself that you are not feeling ok is actually a strength of character and vulnerability.

The Nurturer thrives on embodiment and being. Slowing down and becoming present to your needs and meeting them will be a powerful way to see you through these changing times. Our nervous system was never designed to cope with the amount of information and stimulation that we are confronted with on a daily basis. So take a few minutes out of ever hour of the day just to pause, relax and allow yourself to re calibrate.

Instead of the negative bias your mind can naturally take you into, ask yourself the question ‘What’s going really well today?. Focus on the good in your life and build on that.

You are a highly resourced and powerful individual. You have all that it takes to meet your needs. The Nurturer in you knows how to meet these needs. Trust in yourself and know that you can carry yourself through whatever life brings you.

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