The Sovereign

Sovereign Archetype

We are delighted to launch our new series of blogs looking at the Archetype’s. We will pose a question based on each to explore them in more detail and invite you to do the same.

How has your sense of alignment changed over 2020? Do you feel you are ‘living on purpose?’

 “This is the true joy in life – the being used for a purpose recognised by yourself as a mighty one.  The Being a Force of Nature – not a feverish selfish little clod of ailments -and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.” 
George Bernard Shaw

There are times in life when we feel aligned, in flow and on tune – and other times when we don’t. The Sovereign is the Archetype of Vision and Purpose. When we find the right ways to activate this Archetype inside us, we can recognise if we are on or off track, on or off purpose.

Sometimes the outside world presents so many challenges that it is hard to find the still voice of the Sovereign within. This is the part of us that can say clearly; “Yes, stick with it, you are doing the right thing. What you are facing now is a barrier that can be overcome”. It can also say: “Your current doubts are important – honour them and let them speak. This could be a sign that you are going the wrong way.”

Any time we experience doubts about our path (and we all do at one time or another) can be embraced as a Sovereign blessing in disguise. If the true joy in life is living ‘on purpose’ then when we live ‘off purpose’ we likely experience some form of low grade despair – a sense that life is somehow meaningless or that our best energies are being wasted.

At these times we have two productive choices; 1) to reconnect to the purpose that previously fired us up – if we can, OR 2) to accept that what used to bring us alive, no longer does and that life is challenging us to find a more ‘future-fit’ purpose. What we were living may have been on purpose for us then, but it is not true now. Not doing anything will debilitate you long term and probably make you less engaging and ultimately less employable. Being on purpose brings you a sense of inner radiance and generativity that is naturally and energetically attractive.

The reality may be that you realise you are going the wrong way but that you can’t course correct immediately. This is manageable and can be an important part of the re-aligning process. As long as you awaken your inner Sovereign, you will be able to recognise the potential future paths to meaning and purpose. Then you will experience relief in the ‘knowing’ and courage in the seeking.

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