The Strategist

We are continuing with our new series of blogs looking at the Archetype’s. Here we explore The Strategist. 

Where in your life or at work do you need to be more organized? Where in your life or at work are you most organized?

“No wonder so many adults long to return to university, to all those deadlines — ahhh, that structure! Scaffolding to which we may cling!”

-Marisha Pessl

What often separates the great minds that we have heard about from all the others is the person’s ability to be organized and complete things. Artists get their paintings finished and framed, books get edited and published, papers get written and presented and music gets composed and played before an audience: completion!

The act of showing mastery, proving it, this is done by first manifesting and then completing an idea, key gifts from the Strategist, the Archetype of Structure and Mastery.

Materializing and “making real” what otherwise just floats around in our imagination, these are key gifts from the archetypal Strategist. Even if you recognize such tangible and practical abilities as skills that others have and if you believe that these are not your capabilities, we each have all ten Archetypes within us and we can develop any of them.

If you find yourself having great ideas and even plenty of ambition but are unable to get things finished, or if you can’t meet your deadlines, or stay focused on your goals, then developing your inner Strategist may be just the thing for you. The Archetypes at Work™ method can help you recognize and assess your need for this Archetype so it can become a more central figure in your inner and unfolding play. Perhaps your colleagues, friends or significant others have already told you that you need to work on this!

A quick way in is to recognize an area in your life where you are already tremendously organized. Remarkably, even scatter brained or disorganized people usually have an area in their life where their Strategist shows up. These people can learn to recognize this part of themselves and then transfer that skill to another area of their life. For instance, I recently met a man who could not complete his tasks at work and was repeatedly overlooked for promotions, people thought of him as brilliant but scatterbrained. Yet, in his apartment, all his books were alphabetized. When he recognized that his inner strategist could indeed structure and focus, he learned to apply skills from one area of his life to another.

Your Strategist does not particularly care about what you organize, structure and scaffold. Rather, this part of you wants to be applied in ways that are useful to you now. Especially in times of great chaos and uncertainty, stick-to-itiveness and focus on a chosen target are excellent antidotes. The Strategist knows this and can help you.

You can learn more about The Archetypes in our online immersion training taking place across November. You can sign up to deep dive into all Archetypes or just concentrate on this one, find out more.

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