Understand your leadership styles, behaviours, and instincts, how you can overcome obstacles and how mistakes become valuable learning experiences.

Authentic Leadership

Leadership lessons from The Grail Quest

Who is it for

For working groups, the myth of the Grail Quest becomes the vessel that groups
“sail in”, so it serves its time-honoured role for those teams who are:

  • Facing obstacles or wanting to re-group, perhaps pursuing a mutual sense of what they serve in the world
  • Recently formed and /or establishing best practice
  • In need of a fresh perspective or new impetus after they have been working together for some time.
  • Have been negatively impacted by internal disputes or external pressures
  • Being presented with new and challenging opportunities
  • Wanting time out – seeking a meaningful shared experience

Programme overview

The myth of Parsifal and the Quest for the Grail is our guide to take leaders on a compelling and deep journey of self-discovery and purposeful enquiry. The initial stages of leadership are inevitably concerned with proving oneself and externally validated achievement. Yet, the more mature stages – beyond the hero – are concerned with legacy and service. This shift requires a move away from the transactional place where our necessary ego meets the external world, into self-reflective practice where we can recognise what needs to evolve in ourselves and our organisations.

The key theme is authenticity: the more we are willing and able to be authentic – to act in harmony between our inner and outer voice – the more others are able to trust, support and offer discretionary effort.

The impact of this programme

  • A deep understanding of the internal drivers of individual leadership styles and behaviour
  • Understanding mistakes as valuable learning experiences
  • Increased awareness of key archetypal patterns in leadership – and their shadows
  • Realising the essential role of a mentor to release potential
  • Moving beyond the heroic ego to mature servant leadership
  • Cutting edge individual coaching to raise consciousness and supports any required shift in leadership approaches

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