Understand your leadership style, and how to manage ‘derailers’ with sensitivity. Gain insight into the importance of self-awareness and its power to create high performing teams.

Courageous Leadership

Based on Macbeth

Who is it for

  • Leaders seeking better understanding of their own leadership styles and their consequences
  • Teams looking for highest level performance through assessment of individual and group strengths and weaknesses
  • Group looking for stable leadership and group interaction after unsettled periods

Programme overview

Shakespeare’s psychological thriller provides fascinating insights into behaviours that can make or break individuals or organisations. This programme explores courageous leadership through two very di­fferent leaders, Malcolm and Macbeth. Most of us know of Macbeth and his descent from fearless warrior to ruthless tyrant. This example of high achievement derailed, acts as a warning of the dangers of blind ambition or overplaying a favourite archetypal quality. Not so many of us know about Malcolm. His journey is less publicised but more successful, as he develops into an ethical leader of quiet courage and integrity. His journey illustrates that we can become generative, service orientated leaders who create meaning and purpose for our individual leadership realms with hope for our collective future. We engage participants with the story of the play before exploring the leadership challenges most relevant to them.

Depending on what is driving it, ambition can be vital to successful action or a catalyst for disaster. This programme focusses on courageous and insightful self-awareness and its power to create mutually supportive high-performance teams. It also looks at the shadow side –and demonstrates how awareness of this area is necessary in all groups and leads to greater dynamism trust and openness.

The impact of this programme

  • The ability to identify our own derailing behaviours and overcome them
  • The ability to identify complicit behaviours
  • Strategies for responding to inappropriate behaviours
  • A deep understanding of ‘servant leadership’, rooted in measured assessment of self and others
  • Insight into the importance of courageous and ethical value systems within an organisation
  • How to engender trust and commitment

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