Learn to leave behind old habits, become more present and open to possibilities, change unstable working cultures, and develop tools for creating shared visions.

Culture Change Leadership

Based on As You Like It

Programme overview

Shakespeare’s captivating story of the movement from repressive structure, through freedom and collective inquiry, to a regenerated and renewed collective culture. We start in the Court – a place of hierarchy, tradition and patriarchy – and move into the Forest, where our leading characters learn from nature, build and sustain community, communicate in new and better ways, and explore vital new roles and perspectives. These tools enable emergent change in the cultures of teams, groups and organisations. We can learn to leave behind old habits and ‘tried and tested’ approaches and instead become present to what ‘could be’ and what could sustain us for our desired future. We use current live issues and the existing patterns of each client as the starting point to explore the journey to renew and regenerate culture.

As with the forest in the play, this programme provides space for you to go deeply into yourself, exploring new possibilities and accessing previously untapped resources. You return to your working roles renewed and revitalised. This is a programme about regeneration and renewal. It invites participants to leave behind ingrained approaches and discover what will truly nourish them and their organisations. This is a cultural leadership programme through the power of myth and drama.

Who is it for

  • Organisations that have become bogged down in constrictive approaches and practices
  • Leaders seeking to identify and change aspects of their working cultures that have become unsustainable
  • Groups seeking to get ‘back to the roots’ of their organisations and their purposes

The impact of this programme

  • An opportunity to step back from day to day activities to discover what truly matters to a business or organisation
  • Techniques for becoming more present and more open to future possibilities
  • Creative tools for forging deep, shared visions and meaning

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