Leadership Programmes


We use the stories of Shakespeare as a medium through which to explore current leadership challenges and future initiatives. Discussions are facilitated around relevant live issues and are then related to the leadership challenges that are evident in the play.

Our leadership programmes are adaptable and can be delivered in the way that works best for you, whether that's online or face to face.

If you're not sure which programme is right for you, contact us for a free consultation.

Our flagship programme covers most leaderships themes including preparing for big challenges and changing the culture of an organisation. Gain a deeper understanding of your own sense of purpose and the ability to communicate this to best effect. Build skills to motivate and trust and unite teams around a common goal.

Understand and manage your response to change, create a climate for change which engages the workforce and learn how to understand how change is likely to be perceived by different groups within your organisation so you can implement successful change strategies.

The handling of politics, both internal and external, is a crucial aspect of leadership. This programme helps you identify the key sources of power working both for and against you while providing you with opportunities to practice new skills to enhance your abilities to exert influence. 

This programme provides you with the opportunity to step back from day to day activities to discover what really matters to your organisation. You will learn to leave behind old habits and ‘tried and tested’ approaches and instead become present to what ‘could be’.

This programme is for leaders seeking to better understand their own leadership style and its consequences. Understand how to create a stable leadership after a takeover or merger and work with ‘derailers’. Gain insight into the importance of courageous and insightful self awareness and its power to create high performing teams.

Take a deep dive into your authentic identity and discover a deep understanding of your leadership styles and behaviour. Identifying your call to adventure and leadership instincts. This programme is ideal for new teams, those facing obstacles or wanting to re-group or those in need of a fresh perspective.

Make an even bigger impact and learn the fundamentals of presentation. Learn how to increase your effectiveness and get into ‘the zone’. Work with your inner critic to develop a unique style of authentic presence and communicate with confidence and purpose.

What to Expect

Depending on the length of programme, participants will experience a variety of methods. We will work together to examine the story and for large group exercises. For programmes running over 2 or more days, we'll break out into small coaching groups.

Presenters use the story to explore current leadership challenges and future initiatives. Participants are asked to identify topics in the programme content that hold the most relevance for them, then relate these to the leadership challenges that become evident in the play.

During coaching sessions, we encourage dialogue between individuals and groups, from which emerge the deep solutions to systemic problems, which cannot be addressed by logic alone. Instead of shutting down the symptoms for a while, our process creates the necessary safe space in which to bring root causes to the surface, where they can be addressed fully.


Our programmes come in a variety of formats depending on the length of programme you choose.

  • Keynote Speech – Our 60 - 90 minute keynotes introduce our programmes and feature a number of contemporary leadership themes underpinned by one of Shakespeare’s great stories.
  • Single Day Format (One or Half Day sessions) – These sessions allow participants to experience a classic Shakespeare story, while addressing up-to-the-minute and relevant leadership challenges.
  • Sustained long-term interventions – These longer programmes are for groups of senior leaders responsible for engaging with the wider organisation and who are tasked with addressing systemic issues.

Tailored Sessions

Sometimes organisational challenges don’t fit neatly into a single story or are defined by a clear group of development needs. 

All our programmes have the flexibility to be tailored to contain elements from multiple Shakespeare stories, archetypes psychology, coaching and experiential exercise. We are also able to bring in additional expertise from our partners if further methodologies are needed.

Each programme can be flexible in length depending on the depth you require or how immersive an experience you wish to undertake.

Please contact us for a free consultation.

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This has had a profound impact on me and my leadership – the best insights I’ve had for years.

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